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Doctor Who Magazine #509 Out Now

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, featuring a new image of the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) on its cover, is out now.

As well as a guide to what we know so far about Series 10, the latest issue also features an interview with comedian and actor Rufus Hound. 
Hound chats about his current role as the latest incarnation of the Meddling Monk for Big Finish, as well as his experience filming for his role as Sam Swift in Series 9’s The Woman Who Lived:

“All my anxiety dissipated within the first two hours of arriving. I have never worked with a crew that was more like a family. I have never worked alongside actors who took the work seriously, but themselves not terribly seriously, as was true of Maisie [Williams] and Peter [Capaldi], who I spent most of my time with. The director [Ed Bazalgette] was tremendous, the producer [Derek Ritchie] was brilliant. Everybody in make-up and costume were having a right old laugh. All the camera crew and whatever were offering up shots and angles, being creative and given licence to be creative, licence to turn in their best work.”

As well as the full interview with Rufus Hound and all the usual news, reviews and previews, this month’s Doctor Who Magazine also includes:

  • Ask Steven: Doctor Who‘s showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ burning questions.
  • Indefinable Magic: We investigate the weird world of the supernatural in the Doctor Who universe…
  • Doom Coalition 4: The Eighth Doctor, River Song, the Meddling Monk and the Weeping Angels all feature in the brand new audio box set Doom Coalition 4! We find out more…
  • Rodney Bennett Tribute: DWM pays tribute to Rodney Bennett, the director who oversaw three very different productions during the early years of Tom Baker’s tenure as the Doctor.
  • Doorway To Hell: The original Master is back! Find out what he’s up to in Part Two of our brand-new comic strip, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.
  • The Mutants: In this issue’s Fact of Fiction, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant are sent on a mission that will affect the evolution of an entire planet, as we take a look at this 1972 adventure.
  • The Impossible Astronaut: Space 1969 awaits for the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song as the Time Team reach the 2011 season-opener in their mission to watch every episode of Doctor Who.
Doctor Who Magazine #509 is available in shops from today (Thursday 9 February), price £5.99.

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]