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Doctor Who Magazine #510 – Cover And Details Released

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out this week, pays tribute to the extraordinary career of John Hurt, who sadly passed away in January at the age of 77.

Among those sharing their memories of Hurt, who memorably made his Doctor Who debut as the War Doctor in 2013 before joining Big Finish for more adventures, are David Tennant, Steven Moffat, David Warner and Louise Jameson.

Moffat says of Hurt:

“It doesn’t need saying – John Hurt was one of the greatest actors who ever lived. That’s not even controversial, that’s just a fact. I only met him a handful of times, but I can confirm the other thing that everyone else has been saying about him: he was also incredibly nice. Now, nice doesn’t seem like much of compliment, but you have to remember that this man was, quite rightly, worshipped by everyone he met. Worship has been known to go to people’s heads – but not John’s. If a man can remain humble and kind and warm as the world basically genuflects around him, then that is no ordinary man. The Doctor would be proud to be John Hurt – and for one very special day, he was.”

As well as the usual reviews, previews and features, this month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine also includes:

  • David Tennant Interview: David Tennant shares warm memories of working with John Hurt on 2013’s The Day of the Doctor.
  • Strong To The Finish: John Hurt’s Big Finish colleagues pay tribute to him – a special interview with Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery and David Richardson.
  • Ask Steven Moffat: Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ burning questions.
  • Richard And The Doctor: DWM speaks Comic Relief’s co-founder Richard Curtis about his role in 1999’s The Curse of Fatal Death and writing 2010’s Vincent and the Doctor.
  • Who Created Doctor Who? Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Sydney Newman’s birth, a feature on how he was frustrated in his attempts to be officially recognised as Doctor Who’s creator.
  • Home Taping: What did fans do before the days of home video releases? Before DVD, Blu-ray and digital downloads? DWM follows the story of preserving off-air copies of Doctor Who.
  • Dramatic FX: We examine how the visual effects of 1977’s The Invisible Enemy were achieved on a miniscule budget.
  • Doorway To Hell: The original Master is up to no good in Part Three of our brand-new comic strip, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.
  • Day Of The Moon: The Doctor and his companions lead a revolution against the memory-erasing Silence in this issue’s Time Team.
  • Vworp Vworp! We chat to the creators of Vworp Vworp as they release Volume 3 of their Doctor Who fanzine.

Doctor Who Magazine #510 will be available to buy from Thursday 9th March, price £5.99.

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]