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Doctor Who Magazine: Dalek Special Details

The first edition of three special magazines celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary have been released by the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine, with this issue focused on one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies – the Daleks!

Contained within the 116 pages of the bookazine is everything to know about the metal mutants from the planet Skaro – starting with their original encounter with the First Doctor in 1963 to their latest appearances with the Eleventh Doctor.

Every Dalek adventure is included, and there are new and exclusive interviews with voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs, television director Graeme Harper, and the actor who played Davros in the 1980s, Terry Molloy.

There’s also a look at 1960s Dalek memorabilia; how the Daleks were remade for the twenty-first century; a study of the career of Dalek creator Terry Nation; and a discovery of further Dalek adventures on audio, in graphic novels, computer games and on the big screen.
The bookazine is available in shops now, and is priced £9.99.

[Source: BBC 50th Anniversary]