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Doctor Who Magazine – Issue 446 Details

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is published on Thursday (priced £4.50), and talks exclusively to the latest actress to enter the TARDIS, Jenna-Louise Coleman:

I know what my introduction is, and I have a general idea of where we’re going to go. There’s definitely a story arc. It sounds really interesting, really exciting. I don’t think anything’s been done like it before, but there are lots of secrets and intrigue, and I think it’s going to throw and confuse a lot of people, and surprise a lot of people…

Also this issue:

  • Gonna Make You A Star – executive producer Steven Moffat gives DWM a peek behind the scenes at the auditioning process for the Doctor’s new companion – including his specially written Audition Script – inProduction Notes!
  • First Lady – DWM catches up with executive producer Caroline Skinner in her first major interview, and discusses the plans for her first full season of Doctor Who, the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion, and working with the Daleks!
  • The Lost Boy – DWM interviews Mark Strickson, who played the Fifth Doctor’s not-entirely-trustworthy companion, Turlough, and looks back on his time in the TARDIS – and the extraordinary real-life adventures that he’s had since.
  • Double Trouble – the Sixth Doctor makes his début in an adventure that takes him from the desolate world of Titan III to the planet Jaconda which is in the slimy grip of the giant Gastropods. The Fact Of Fiction places 1984’s The Twin Dilemma under the microscope, pokes it with a stick and uncovers its secrets!
  • Funnily Enough – it was the season of Doctor Who which had Douglas Adams as its script editor – and it was one of the most controversial set of stories ever. Doctor Who heads reaches Series Seventeen as Countdown To 50 continues!
  • Somthing’s Cooking – Amy prepares to impress the Doctor with her culinary skills, Rory has a strange encounter while late night shopping and the Doctor pursues an invisible graffiti artist. But who – or what is ‘Monos’? Find out in the first part of brand new comic strip adventure, Sticks & Stones, by Scott Gray and Martin Geraghty!
  • Less Is More? During Doctor Who’s original 26-year run, it would be the norm for stories to be told in episodic form over several weeks, but today the series usually presents a complete story in a single episode. But which format is best? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon lock horns once more over this thorny Doctor Who issue in A Battle Of Wits.
  • Tweet! Tweet! – Doctor Who celebs, both big and small, are all flocking to Twitter! DWM presents 30 More People Every Doctor Who Fan Should Follow on Twitter – including mini-interviews with author Tom MacRae, and companion actors Nicola Bryant and Arthur Darvill.
  • French Love Letters – love is in the air as Chris, Emma, Michael and Will steep themselves in French romance as The Time Team assemble to see the Tenth Doctor fall for Madame de Pompadour in the 2006 episode The Girl in the Fireplace – but what will the team make of this dangerous liaison?
  • A Proper Madame! DWM conducts an intimate interview with Madame de Pompadour herself, actress Sophia Myles, who reveals what it was like to wear Helen Mirren’s dress, snogging the stars and confronting clockwork robots in The Girl in the Fireplace!
  • Go Wild In The Country! The Watcher presents another five truths and a cheeky lie in The Six Faces of Delusion, but which is which? Another Supporting Artist of the Month is singled out, and A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects takes a look at the many Doctor Who adventures that have all taken place within a few miles of each other in the English home counties. All this and more in Wotcha!

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