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Doctor Who Magazine- Issue 456 (January 2013)

The cover for the 456th issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ has been revealed! Here are this months features:

  • Tour of the brand-new TARDIS which appeared in ‘The Snowmen’
  • Win the 1st Doctor DVD ‘The Reign of Terror’, the 6th Doctor audio ‘The Wrong Doctor’s’ and one of the new 50th anniversary audio’s ‘The Hunters of Earth’ 
  • A review of the ‘The Snowmen’
  • Interview with the director of Series 7 episodes 2, 3, 6 and 14, Saul Metzstein 
  • Q&A with Steven Moffat
  • An in depth look at the 4th Doctor serial ‘The Leisure Hive’
  • A guide to Doctor Who’s 50th year!
This issue goes on sale on 10th January 2013