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Doctor Who magazine issue 515 cover & details

Doctor Who Magazine have revealed their cover for issue 515, featuring every one of the Doctors featured in Steven Moffat’s era, including the Curator played by Tom Baker, John Hurt’s War Doctor and the First Doctor, played by David Bradley in the upcoming Christmas Special.

Inside, there’s a tribute to Steven Moffat’s tenure as showrunner, and his final production notes on the era. As the editor has pointed out on Twitter, there’s no reference to Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor on the cover as is customary because the issue was sent to the printers before the reveal.

Here’s an excerpt from the Moffat interview to whet your appetite:

With his last episode due to air at Christmas, we asked Doctor Who‘s head writer and showrunner Steven Moffat if he ever thought, back in 2004, when he wrote The Empty Child, that he’d still be writing for the series in 2017?

“No, God, no!” he exclaims. “God, no! I also didn’t think I’d do the showrunning job for more than three years, and I’m here after six series. Yes, I’ve been writing Doctor Who stories since 2004. That’s a hell of a long time. When I wrote The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, I wondered if I’d ever write another Doctor Who story. I was very keen to, I really wanted to. I remember asking, ‘Would you have me back next year…?’”

So what’s next for Steven after he finishes with the Doctor? He’s staying tight-lipped.

“I’m looking forward to the idea of not having to automatically say no to everything else! Whether that’s writing jobs, or weekends away. I can write different things. I’m looking forward to that, hugely. But I am so glad it happened. I’d have been miserable if I’d never got to write Doctor Who! It’s been amazing. Of course it’s been amazing.”

Also inside the issue:

  • Production Notes – Steven Moffat writes his final column for DWM, and his last-ever Doctor Who words!
  • The Top 20! – A look back at 20 amazing things about the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who – plus tributes from Russell T Davies, Chris Chibnall, Mark Gatiss and many others…
  • The Empire of Mark Gatiss – The concluding part of our all-encompassing interview with actor/writer Mark Gatiss!
  • The Parliament of Fear – There’s a brand-new adventure for the Doctor and Bill Potts in Part 1 of a new comic strip story, written by Scott Gray, with art by Staz Johnson.
  • Rise and Fall – Reviews of the 2017 series, and the season finale World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls.
  • Turned Up To Eleven – The Fact of Fiction examines the Eleventh Doctor’s début adventure, 2010’s The Eleventh Hour!
  • Reviews – The latest DVD and audio releases are put under the microscope.
  • Coming Soon – Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.
Issue 515 of Doctor Who Magazine will be out next Thursday (29th July), and will be priced £5.99.
[Source: DWM]