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Doctor Who Magazine Talks Companions

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, just published, previews the first three episodes in the run of five to be broadcast in September… and drops some tantalising hints about companions old and new.

As part of the feature on Asylum of the Daleks, the season opener, Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory Williams, confirms that Amy and Rory have matured since we last saw them:  ‘The scripts lend themselves to playing it like that… Rory and Amy know themselves a lot better now, as do we.’

Karen Gillan, who plays Amy, states: ‘Something very major has happened within their relationship.’
Meanwhile, producer Marcus Wilson points out that, after this run of five episodes, ‘it’s a couple of months before Christmas, when the Doctor will gain a new companion, or companions.’

So far, the only confirmed new companion – arriving at Christmas – is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (and the character is rumoured to be called Clara).  Is the Doctor going to get more than one new companion? Now that would be a surprise Christmas present…
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