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Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice – 10 Exclusive Teasers

The Gallifrey Times have seen the Series 9 opener, The Magician’s Apprentice, and have put together our set of spoiler-free teasers, which you can see below!

  1. The hunter, and the prey.
  2. Anachronisms
  3. ‘See that couple over there? You’re the puppy.’
  4. It’s his party, and he’ll die if he wants to.
  6. ‘Shame. You’re ashamed.’
  7. ‘Which war is this? I get them all muddled up.’
  8. #planeshavestopped
  9. ‘If you seek the Doctor, first seek his friends.’
  10. ‘Please, please, I’m begging you! Please!’
BONUS The Witch’s Familiar trailer teaser (highlight to read)
‘So many backs, with * ****** *****’