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Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice Poster Revealed

Last year, artist Stuart Manning created thirteen retro posters for each episode of Series 8 plus the Christmas Special for the Radio Times – and it seems as if Manning will be continuing his good work here, with his poster for The Magician’s Apprentice revealed by the Radio Times:

Manning said of the poster:

“I made the focal point a new profile silhouette of the Doctor, updated with his hoody, shades and ever-increasing Jon Pertwee bouffant, showing how far this Doctor has come from the stern patrician figure seen in his opening story. The Magician’s Apprentice got me thinking of playing cards, which was a good way to incorporate the profile with a shot of Missy as the Doctor’s literal flip side.

“The design itself is inspired mostly by US gig posters, drawing on the Doctor’s new electric guitar and reinvention as the universe’s oldest rocker. As the kick-off to a new series, I like to think of this as the first stop on the tour – a big, fun opening riff with the Doctor playing up to the crowds. Gallifrey via Vegas somehow seemed to fit the bill.”

Manning will be creating posters for the Radio Times for every episode of Series 9 this year. The Magician’s Apprentice airs tonight at 7.40pm on BBC One!

[Source: Radio Times]