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Doctor Who: Major Character Returning for Series 8?

WARNING: This article contains major potential spoilers for Series 8 of Doctor Who. If you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now!

At Newcastle Film and Comic Con recently, Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy seemed to drop a huge spoiler concerning a major returning character for Series 8.

Visitors to the panel which McCoy was speaking at claim McCoy stated that the Master, who hasn’t appeared in Doctor Who since 2009’s The End of Time, will be returning for Series 8 in a new form. But not only did McCoy reveal this – he also reportedly stated that he knew of the actor cast to play ‘the new Master’, and that he would be ‘very scary’.

The return of the Master has been heavily rumoured for some time now – to the point where it’s quite likely we’ll be seeing the Doctor’s greatest foe again soon, but does McCoy really know about this ‘new Master’, if he even is returning? McCoy hasn’t appeared or been involved in the show since his stint in the TV Movie, so it’s fairly unlikely he’d know – and would such a closely guarded secret be casually leaked, even to a former Doctor?

We don’t quite know the exact wording of McCoy’s statement either – so he could have simply been providing his thoughts on a possibility of a return. Time will tell, of course – but in the meantime, keep holding onto those salt shakers…

[Source: Doctor Who TV]