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Doctor Who: Matt Smith on a Possible Anniversary Return

Since David Tennant’s return as the Tenth Doctor in last year’s 50th anniversary special, discussion has been rife about the return of other Doctors – and Matt Smith has confirmed that he would return for a future anniversary if asked.

On working with Tennant during The Day of the Doctor, Smith said:

“It was a real historic moment for me. I always look at David and go, ‘Oh my god. It’s Doctor Who! David is a great guy and a good friend. It was so fun. Doctors in the same room is just magic, isn’t it!”

“I’ll happily come back for another anniversary!”

We’re a way away from the 60th anniversary, if there is indeed a multi-Doctor special that year – but with the 10th anniversary of revival Doctor Who in 2015, could Smith’s return alongside be earlier than the far-off date of 2023?

[Source: Doctor Who TV]