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Doctor Who: May BBC iPlayer Stats Released

The BBC iPlayer stats for May have been released, and Doctor Who has continued to dominate the charts.

Series finale The Name of the Doctor topped the catch-up site for May with an impressive 1.9 million requests in just twelve days – and the other two episodes that aired in May – The Crimson Horror and Nightmare in Silver, took fifth and third place on the charts respectively.

Nightmare in Silver had 1.73 million requests, and The Crimson Horror was just behind with 1.71 million requests. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS also added 0.59 million to its April total, and other episodes added roughly 0.2 million. The rest of the chart was made up of multiple episodes of The Apprentice and The Voice UK.

Opener The Bells of Saint John had 2.5 million requests in total – the sixth most watched programme on the service this year.

[Source: Doctor Who News]