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Doctor Who: Missy Will Still Be “Up To No Good” In Series 9

As previously reported, Missy will be back for more shenanigans when Doctor Who returns to our screens in the autumn. But will she be changed by the events of “Dark Water”/”Death in Heaven”? Will she even be an ally of the Doctor’s? Not according to Michelle Gomez. In an interview with the Daily Record, she carefully discussed her character’s appearance in the series 9 opener, saying,

“I can’t tell you much, I’m too much of a fan 
of the show to spoil the fun but I can tell you she’s up to no good.

Even I was a bit shocked at her level of disdain this year. 
She has no boundaries that girl, she is very naughty.”

Gomez also addressed the Master’s gender change, a point of controversy among some Whovians last year. She says,

“Switching gender with the Master is change enough for now. We Whovians are a loyal bunch and 
don’t like too much change. I feel like I’ve rocked the boat enough for now, let’s not 
sink the whole bloody ship.”

Michelle Gomez will return to our screens as Missy in the autumn, alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]