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Doctor Who: Moffat Confirms Full Series For 2014

From 2005 to 2011 (excluding David Tennant’s Specials in 2009), 14 episodes of Doctor Who were aired per year – a 13-episode series and a Christmas Special. However, in the last two years we’ve seen sixteen episodes – six in 2012 and ten this year, due to a split series.

In an interview with Broadcast, Steven Moffat has confirmed that at least 13 episodes will be produced and aired in 2014, meaning that Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will debut with a full series in autumn 2014. Previous rumours claimed that Series 8 will be 12 episodes long rather than 13, and Moffat has not denied this rumour yet.

Moffat said of the workload on Doctor Who:

“There’s always a point in production, usually half-way, maybe two thirds, through a series when you realise you’re juggling at least one aspect of each show at once: maybe a press launch for one, another in the edit and I might not have written the last one. 

“You wake up in the night thinking about 13 emergencies, each of them equally calamitous. As a lifestyle choice, it’s questionable. One of the hardest things for me to do is work out when I’ll have time to write. A whole week can disappear when I haven’t had a moment to sit down. I was amazed recently when I got a script ready in time for the tone meeting.”

An official announcement about Series 8 should be coming around the time of the commencement of filming – January 2014.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]