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Doctor Who: The Moonbase DVD Animation Clip

Second Doctor story The Moonbase is now out on DVD in the UK, and will be on sale from 11th February in the US – and we now have a glimpse of what the animation used to fill in missing episodes in the serial will look like!

The Moonbase marks the second appearance of the long-time foes of the Doctor, the Cybermen.

Taking place in the year 2070, the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) along with his companions, Jamie (Frazer Hines), Polly (Anneke Wilkes), and Ben (Michael Craze) arrive on the moon where a crew works at a station housing a device that controls Earth’s weather. Some of the crew have fallen ill from an unknown virus, and the Cybermen infiltrate the base. Therefore, the Doctor must scramble to get to the bottom of it all.

With two of the original episodes on the infamous lost episodes list, the BBC filled in the gaps using animation. This is not the first time animation has been used to complete classic stories, as another Second Doctor story, The Invasion, was also released on DVD using the same animation techniques.
Earlier this week, a sample of the animation used for the DVD release of The Moonbase was posted to the Doctor Who YouTube page. Follow the link below to check it out!

[Source: Doctor Who YouTube]