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Doctor Who: A Mysterious Villain Arrives in Series 8 Filming – 29/1/2014

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for episode one of series eight. If you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now!

Filming continued last night for episode one of series eight last night – and Twitter was set ablaze by the presence of an intriguing ‘secret villain’ at the Newport shoot who was covered up by an umbrella – but that didn’t stop set reporters and photographers alike from taking snaps.
The villain, who still has not been identified – although has been spotted with CGI dots and a cybernetic eyepiece, hinting at a possible mutant/cyborg origin, was the main focus of a night shoot which was rumoured to be a post-credits scene for the first episode.
The Daily Mail reports that the secret villain is actually famous serial killer Jack the Ripper – but this has been unconfirmed, and should be taken with the customary pinch of salt. You can see some clear photos of the villain below, courtesy of the Mail (click to enlarge).

Doctor Who series eight airs in autumn.
[Source: Daily Mail]