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Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor – 10 Teasers

Doctor Who TV have posted ten teasers for the Series 7 finale, The Name of the Doctor. These are presumed to all be from the Next Time trailer which will air at the end of Nightmare in Silver tonight, but this is unconfirmed:

  1. “There is one place you must never go…”
  2. “This is the Doctor’s greatest secret”
  3. “…And it is discovered”
  4. River: “He can’t go there, you know he can’t!”
  5. “I have a duty”
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  7. “What is your name?”
  8. “Doctor who?”
  9. “Die reptile!”
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The Name of the Doctor airs on Saturday 18th May at 7pm on BBC One.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]