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Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor, Revealed!

Issue #475 of Doctor Who Magazine has proven to be an exciting break from the gulf, that often emerges before a new series launches, for us Whovians. We have the Paternoster Gang front and centre, who according to numerous rumours over the past several months, could play a key part in the Twelfth Doctor’s arrival.

Now, showrunner Steven Moffat has continued to maintain the momentum of the hype train, by answering a question that we all want to know the answer to!

According to Moffat, The Doctor’s name is a long held secret amongst showrunners:

”No one can know the Doctor’s name, except each successive showrunner’ Moffat said.

‘’We’re taken into a special room far beneath the BBC and given the ancient and special runes that spell his true and awful name. We’re commanded never to reveal what we have learned, because then the show would have to be renamed Mildred. Oh, bugger.”

You could almost picture The Doctor as a Mildred.