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Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor Spoilers Warning (No Spoilers)

UPDATED ON 13/05/2013 AT 20:30

We have reluctantly been searching online since news broke that The Name Of The Doctor has been received by some North American pre-orderer’s of the Series 7: Part 2 Box-set earlier than planned. While I’m sure that the majority have kept quiet, it has come to light that a few ‘fans’ and other parties have decided to ruin it for everybody else. This is despite the BBC earlier requesting on Twitter that spoilers remain in the homes of those who have received their orders earlier than planned:

They were also keen to offer an incentive to those who decided to hold back on posting spoilers:

As I said earlier, these requests have not been heeded and so I hope to provide you with the following advice to keep you from stumbling across information that would ruin your enjoyment of The Series 7 Finale episode:

  • Do not visit the Doctor Who Wikipedia page. This has been hacked by the GNAA. I have not attached the link to their Wikipedia page as this may cause offence to others. However, what I can tell you is that they are an anti-blogging internet trolling organisation and that the Doctor Who Wiki page is now covered in spoilers for The Name Of The Doctor.
  • Do not go searching on Torrent sites: Ok, so we all know someone who finds their latest fix from a torrent website, but ensure these friends get the following information. There are several torrents posted on Pirate Bay etc claiming to be the episode. The GNAA have indeed posted a file ending with .Mp4. There are now many reports that this and other fake torrent files are causing damage to peoples computers. Wait till the BBC broadcast it, it will be worth the wait I’m sure.
  • Do not follow or read tweets from any of the following accounts: @Oh Geisty, @n1gg3rchr1st, @MyPontifexNinja and @rustledcrow 
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE [13/05/2013]: Users of Twitter will no doubt be familiar with a scam @RogueCyberman was running a while back. However, just in case you didn’t catch it here’s the story as we reported it back in March, click here to read the original story. It seems that he has decided to take this opportunity to exploit the situation regarding the pre-orders for his own gains. He claims to now have The Name Of The Doctor on a secured server and is attempting to fool people onto his porn site using the same methods as last time. Do not follow @RogueCyberman or engage any links he posts on Twitter. This is a scam once again. The links do contain adult content, not Doctor Who episodes.

This is a list based on what we know is out there at the time of writing, I will update this post if and when there is anything else you should watch out for.

We would like to remind you that we have closed our comments system until after The Name Of The Doctor airs on Saturday 18th May so that The Gallifrey Times can stay completely 100% spoiler-free and so that everyone visiting will still be able to enjoy the finale spoiler-free.