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Doctor Who: Neil Cross Praises Matt Smith’s Performance As The Doctor

The Rings of Akhaten and Hide writer Neil Cross has spoken out to website Stuff about Matt Smith’s upcoming departure as the Eleventh Doctor  this Christmas.

Cross praised Smith’s performance in the role, claiming that he may just be the greatest ever Doctor:

“When he came into our lives as the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith had some very big Gallifreyan Chuck Taylors to fill. I watched his first episode with sweating palms and crossed fingers: hoping against hope that it would all be okay. It was more than okay. Within about ten seconds, I was smiling with relief. He had me at fish fingers and custard; he had us all at fish fingers and custard. By the end of that first episode, The Eleventh Hour, I was punching the air with tears in my eyes.”

“Matt Smith is a great Doctor, maybe the greatest Doctor ever . . . because he is the Doctor. Hearts and soul. I’ll miss him desperately. And I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

 Matt Smith will depart in this year’s Christmas Special, which films in July.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]