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Doctor Who: The New Doctor To Be Announced On Sunday?

Numerous sources are now reporting that the BBC intend to reveal the identity of the 12th Doctor at 7pm BST this Sunday (August 4th) in a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential. Filmed live in front of a studio audience and hosted by Zoe Ball, the episode will feature Steven Moffat and Matt Smith alongside the actor or actress who will be taking over the role after this year’s Christmas Special.

Although there has yet been no official confirmation from the BBC, there will be an announcement embargoed until midnight tonight which is now widely believed to be the scheduling of the special episode of Confidential; current Doctor Matt Smith was announced in a similar fashion back in 2008.

Eagle-eyed viewers will no doubt recall that the BBC recently announced they would be filming a pilot show about Doctor Who this Sunday at 7pm, and the lucky fans who have tickets to the show were emailed this week. Nothing has been confirmed, but we all know there are no such things as coincidences in Moffat’s Whoniverse…

As ever, take nothing for granted until confirmed or otherwise by official BBC sources, but it seems it will be well worth your while staying by your computer at midnight tonight.

[Source: Bleeding Cool]