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Doctor Who: New Multi-Doctor Story Coming From Titan Comics

Titan Comics announced this week that they will be releasing a special multi-Doctor adventure later this year. This story will see the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors teaming up, though no details on the storyline for the special adventure have yet been released.

This multi-Doctor story will replace the currently running comics for those Doctors in the month it is released, and the three Doctors will be joined by their current comics companions: Gabriella Gonzalez (Tenth Doctor), Alice Obiefune (Eleventh Doctor), and of course, Clara Oswald (Twelfth Doctor).

Paul Cornell has been tapped to write the five-part adventure. Cornell has previously written episodes of Doctor Who (2005’s “Father’s Day”, and 2007’s “Human Nature/Family of Blood”) which have both been nominated for Hugo Awards.

The identity of the artist, along with the storyline, is currently unknown. The series will launch on 12 August (ahead of Doctor Who Comics Day on 15 August), and run through the end of September.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]