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Doctor Who: New Series Finale Teaser Trailer – ‘Time Is Running Out’

The following article contains details about the Doctor Who Series 10 finale that some readers may wish to avoid.

The BBC has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming series finale of the tenth series of Doctor Who.

As Series 10 begins to draw to a close, the stylish new teaser – animated by motion graphics designer Tom Saunders – dramatically reveals that ‘time is running out’…

The Series 10 two-part finale kicks off this week with World Enough and Time, which sees the Doctor face two incarnations of the Master – Missy (Michelle Gomez) and John Simm’s returning incarnation, last seen in 2010’s The End of Time: Part Two.

Next time and TV trailers for the penultimate episode of the series have already been released, as have a preview clip, promo photos and introductions from Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat.

World Enough and Time airs on Saturday 24th June at 6:45pm on BBC One.