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Doctor Who: Nick Briggs Teases New Cybermen In Nightmare in Silver

Current voice of the Cybermen Nick Briggs has revealed some details about the redesigned Cybermen from upcoming episode Nightmare in Silver.

Briggs was talking at the Lords of Time Convention, and revealed some new details about the Cybermen’s return:

  • The new Cybermen are not from another universe – the Cybermen who have featured thus far in the revived series were created in a parallel universe.
  • They are a departure from previous Cybermen.
  • The new Cybermen speak less, and the brief was ‘the new voices must be scary’.
  • Briggs has recorded voices in the style of the original Cybermen from The Tenth Planet and in the style of The Tomb of the Cybermen, but doesn’t know which one will be used in the final cut.
The full panel can be viewed below, where Briggs also talks about why the voice of the Ice Warriors was changed for Cold War:

Nightmare in Silver is penned by Neil Gaiman, and airs on Saturday 11th May.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]