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Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver – 10 More Exclusive Teasers

The Gallifrey Times have seen Nightmare in Silver and have put together our second and final set of 10 spoiler-free teasers:

  1. I hope the Doctor has a knit comb.
  2. “But you signed for that.”
  3. Well that’s a bit Willy Wonka.
  4. Think Jekyll and Hyde… Mondas style.
  5. That’s a bit handy.
  6. Something that happens in The Girl in the Fireplace and The Power of Three happens in this episode.
  7. There’s an electric atmosphere.
  8. “Emotions, Doctor.”
  9. A long shot, but it worked.
  10. This porridge would go well with some caeser salad.

You can read our first set of teasers here, and a spoiler-free preview of the episode here. We’ve also recorded an audio spoiler-free preview of the episode, which you can listen to in this weeks’s The Gallifrey Times Podcast.