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Doctor Who Nominated for ‘Must-See Moment’ BAFTA

Rosa was a powerful episode that expertly portrayed a significant event in history and became one of the most loved episodes in series 11. It’s for this episode that Doctor Who has been nominated for a BAFTA award as the ‘Must See moment on television in 2018’.

The episode was incredibly well received among fans and critics, with the scene of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat being the stand out moment that the episode is nominated for.

Rosa Parks, the Doctor and her companions make sure historical moments remain

After paying her bus fare, the driver stops Rosa walking through the bus towards the ‘coloured’ section, telling her to use the rear door. As she’s leaving, Rosa momentarily sits in a ‘white’ seat to pick her purse. Once she’s disembarked, the bus pulls away before she’s able to re-enter.

The episode is up against The Bodyguard, where Julia Montague was assassinated, Coronation Street and Gail’s monologue on the suicide of Aidan Connor, Killing Eve where Eve stabs Villanelle and the finale of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

The memorable moment category is the only award voted for by the public. The winner will be announced at the Virgin Media BAFTAs on 1st May 2019.

You can vote on the Virgin Media website