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Doctor Who On Playstation Home

BBC Worldwide are teaming up with Sony DADC New Media Solutions and LOOT Entertainment by creating an online gaming environment within Playstation Home, which will be available from 27th March.

They press release announced:

Doctor Who fans can enjoy dynamic features based on the show’s most popular characters and scenery, such as the Eleventh Doctor and River Song costumes, and a TARDIS- themed private space and clubhouse. Users can also visit the Doctor Who-themed LOOT Space Station Theater for additional video content from BBC Worldwide and shop for Doctor Who items – both virtual and real – via LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand system.

Senior vice president for BBC Worlwide’s digital development, Simon Hutson, said:

We’re really excited to be bringing this much-loved series to social and virtual worlds. Discovering new ways to engage with our fans is incredibly important to us, especially as we approach Doctor Who’s 50th year.

Vice president for business development at LOOT Entertainment, David Sterling, added:

We are committed to preserving the spirit and aesthetic of Doctor Who while introducing this historic franchise to PlayStation®Home. It’s the same Doctor Who millions have loved for almost 50 years—with a virtual, interactive, and social twist.

BBC Worlwide detailed the experience:

You can deck yourself out in the Eleventh Doctor’s classic tweed jacket and bowtie outfit, and even accessorise with your very own Sonic Screwdriver. For prospective companions, there’s River Song’s catsuit, complete with PDA accessory – but, please don’t peek at her diary. If you fancy being an alien, you can become a prehistoric Silurian or suit up as an ominous Silent. You can even acquire a Cybermat as a companion that will follow you around PlayStation Home (nanovirus – fortunately – not included).

The expansive TARDIS private space and clubhouse is unlike anything Home fans have seen before and comes equipped with a LOOT Active Camera so you and your friends can capture your adventures and seamlessly upload them to your YouTube account. Fans can catch video content and shop for Doctor Who items – both virtual and real – via LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand system.

In celebration of the series’ 50th Anniversary, additional Doctor Who themed virtual goods, environments and social experiences will be added to Doctor Who on PlayStation Home throughout 2013.

A gallery of preview images are available on their website here.