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Doctor Who: Pearl Mackie On Series 10 Finale – ‘There’s A Lot Of Endings’

This article contains plot details about World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls that readers may wish to avoid.

Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie has been discussing the fate of her character, Bill Potts, following the shocking events of last night’s episode, World Enough and Time.

The actress was joined by executive producer and lead writer Steven Moffat at a live Q&A session streamed on BBC One’s offical Facebook page following the conclusion of yesterday’s episode.

During the Q&A, Mackie responded to a question from a fan about filming her ‘death’, saying:

“I mean, I’m quite an emotional person, so it was pretty emotional, I mean even just reading any of it and at the read through it was quite emotional because there’s a lot of endings.

“I think that’s credit to Steven’s writing that you can get that kind of emotion from it when you read it that you’re supposed to get when you watch it.”

Despite the reference to Bill’s ‘death’, a production source has told that Mackie’s answer should not be taken as ‘confirmation either way’, stating that her comments were made in relation to the events of World Enough and Time which saw Bill ‘die’ before being converted into a Mondasian Cyberman.

Steven Moffat, meanwhile, refused to be drawn on Bill’s future during the Q&A, jokingly claiming:

“She’s a Cyberman from now on. She’s one of those ones in the trailer actually. She was just killing people. That’s the way it is sometimes.” 

Last night’s Q&A session, hosted by Jason Mohammad, followed a special screening of World Enough and Time at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. The screening was accompanied by a live performance of Murray Gold’s score for the episode from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, who went on to play several additional pieces of music from the show during the Q&A session.

Series 10 of Doctor Who concludes with The Doctor Falls, which airs on Saturday 1st July at 6:30pm on BBC One.

[Source: Radio Times]