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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s Costume Tidbits

Peter Capaldi will make his first appearance at the end of The Time of the Doctor in the Eleventh Doctor’s clothes – but every Doctor needs a signature costume, and the Radio Times have revealed some tidbits about the costume Capaldi will wear from Series 8.

The decision over the costume was ultimately made by a combination of Capaldi himself, executive producer Brian Minchin, showrunner Steven Moffat and senior members of the art team and had to be approved by senior BBC executives. 

Capaldi’s costume mixes old and new – is a “bit old fashioned to denote the fact that he is the oldest Doctor” but is also “looking to the future as well” says the well-placed source.

While we don’t know exactly what Capaldi’s costume will look like yet, we’ll get our first full glimpse when filming begins next month (unless filming has unusually begun in complete secret, the article is wrong in its assertion that filming has begun) on Capaldi’s first series, due to air next autumn in a complete series.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]