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Doctor Who: The Power Of Three – 10 Teasing Hints

CultBox have released their 10 teasing hints for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 4: The Power Of Three.

» Familiar RTD tropes are employed.

» The Silence make an appearance.

» Flickr, YouTube and Twitter get mentioned.

» Nintendo, Apple and Ugg boots will be pleased.

» For this wondering if Christmas would be mentioned four episodes in a row, you won’t be disappointed.

» The cast of a television show referenced in Series 6 Part 2 appear.

» A classic monster is mentioned (and technically seen).

» A talent the Doctor showed off in The Lodger makes a return.

» Things can only get better.

» Adric. Poor Adric.

Don’t forget to read The Gallifrey Times’ spoiler-free preview of the episode. Our set of teasers will be released mid-next week.