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Doctor Who: The Power Of Three – 11 Teasers

Doctor Who TV have published their second set of teasers for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 4: The Power Of Three.

  1. Amy reveals she’s going on adventures with the Doctor a lot longer than anyone would expect
  2. “I’m not running away from things. I’m running to them, before they flare and fade forever”
  3. Rory plants a big one on the Doctor
  4. “Don’t despair ****, **** *** ***** ***”
  5. The Doctor once again shows off his football skills
  6.  “We don’t let him down”
  7. Just an out-of-order lift?
  8. There are 3 monsters in total, though you will perhaps question whether one of them is
  9. “Some people call it ‘judgement day’ or ‘the reckoning’”
  10. Amy has an engagement with a historical figure
  11. “Not them, Brian… Never them”