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Doctor Who Ratings Success in BBC Annual Report

The BBC and commercial subsidiary BBC Worldwide have released their Annual Report, featuring prominent and proud figures for Doctor Who. As expected, much of the content focuses on the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, which drew in audiences from all over the globe.

The Day of the Doctor was the most viewed drama with an average audience of 12.8 million. It was also the most requested drama on BBC iPlayer with more than 3.2 million requests. Following transmission, the episode went straight to the top of the iTunes US and Amazon charts, additionally selling more DVD copies in its first week than any previous Doctor Who title.

BBC Worldwide also report on the global success of the 50th anniversary episode. The episode was transmitted in 15 languages in 98 countries; including selling 649,138 cinema tickets in 25 countries and 3D screenings in 23 countries, and achieving a Guinness World Record for the largest ever simultaneous transmission of a television drama.

In North America, the one-day theatrical release of The Day of the Doctor delivered the equivalent of $4.8 million at box office, making it the second highest US box office hit on the night. The Christmas special was BBC America’s first ever audience over 3 million, and the 50th anniversary episode reached almost 4.5 million viewers on the day. This additionally set a record for activity related to a televised event on Tumblr, surpassing the Super Bowl and MTV VMAs. The 50th Anniversary programming also fuelled an 80.1% uplift in licensing, with total licensing revenue equating to over $100 million in retail sales.

In Australia, the 50th anniversary telecast reached 1.7 million viewers, and DVD sales for the series saw an increase of 59.6%. Recognition was also given to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular event which toured both Australia and New Zealand, and also 95,000 cinema goers who attended the 50th anniversary episode screening in 131 cinemas. BBC Worldwide also launched four Doctor Who pop-up shops and an online store.

Doctor Who showed the potential for BBC Worldwide’s content and brands in Latin America, with over 24,000 people attending cinema screenings for The Day of the Doctor. 

The report also mentions several other achievements for Doctor Who, including the show’s social media presence which continues to rise with 4.3 million Facebook fans. The missing classic episodes Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear topped the iTunes TV chart in October. 24,000 fans attended the three day Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration event in London, and Peter Capaldi made an appearance at the BBC Worldwide Showcase, an annual 4 day event for TV buyers in Liverpool.

These figures reflect the immense success that the show has enjoyed within the past year, and will hopefully continue to enjoy for years to come.

[Source: Doctor Who News]