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Doctor Who regeneration episodes on BBC iPlayer this Christmas

The BBC has announced that every Doctor Who regeneration episode from 2005 onwards will be made available on BBC iPlayer over the Christmas period.

The selection of episodes will give fans the opportunity to relive the departures of past Doctors from the modern series before current Doctor Peter Capaldi regenerates in this year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time.

Available online during the lead up to the festive special will be Christopher Eccleston’s regeneration episode The Parting of the Ways, David Tennant’s The End of Time and Matt Smith’s The Time of the Doctor, as well as another chance to see War Doctor John Hurt’s regeneration in 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor.

It is as yet unclear whether the 50th anniversary mini episode The Night of the Doctor – featuring Paul McGann’s Doctor’s regeneration – will form part of the set of special Doctor Who episodes, but the prequel is nevertheless currently available to view via the BBC’s official site and YouTube channel.

The set of Doctor Who episodes are being made available alongside a raft of dramas, comedies, documentaries and family favourites for BBC viewers to enjoy over the holiday period.

Charlotte Moore, Director of Content at the BBC, says:

“There is no need to go anywhere else this Christmas because we have an even richer offer across the BBC than ever before. We are always home to the very best British programmes during the festive season but with so much content to fit in, it’s fantastic to give audiences a special gift on iPlayer to complement our schedules; with boxsets of some of this year’s biggest shows and a selection of more recent hits to binge on with family and friends together this Christmas.

“Sit back and indulge, as we curate some of the most loved shows you may have missed first time round or favourites you want to watch again.”

The full set of returning BBC programmes – including the Doctor Who regeneration episodes – will be available on BBC iPlayer from 16th December.

[Source: BBC]