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Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten – 10 Teasers

Digital Spy have released their ten teasers for Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten.

  1. Remember Clara’s leaf? Its significance is explained this week.
  2. “Not strawberries – that would be unacceptable!”
  3. Classic series fans – look out for a reference to an old companion.
  4. “I think I may have made a bit of a tactical boo-boo.”
  5. There’s an awful lot of singing…
  6. “Oh my stars!”
  7. The Doctor barks. And so does Clara.
  8. “I think he’s very frightened.”
  9. Both our Time Lord hero and his companion love the Lake District.
  10. “There’s an awful lot of one, but there’s an infinity of the other.”
Don’t forget to check out our exclusive teasers and spoiler-free preview for The Rings Of Akhaten, which airs in the UK on Saturday 6th April at 6:15pm on BBC One.