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Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten – 10 Teasing Quotes

CultBox have released 10 teasing quotes for Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten, which is to be broadcast on Saturday 6th April at 6:15pm on BBC One.

» “If just one of those tiny little things had never happened, I’d never have met you.

» “She’s not possible.”

» “Life in the universe originated here, on that planet.”

» “You’re a thousand years old, you must have something you care about.”

» “Can you pretend like I’m a space alien and explain?”

» “They’re singing to the mummy.”

» “Sometimes grandfather.”

» “This is my fault, I talked her into doing this.”

» “You are unique in the universe.”

» “I think I may have made a technical boo-boo.”