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Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood – Poll Results

For the past week you’ve been voting in our two polls for Robot of Sherwood – our ‘rate the episode’ poll and our Question of the Week poll. We’ve now closed both polls and you can view the results below:

First up, our rate the episode poll. The reaction was a little more mixed this week and the weakest of the three episodes so far, but two-thirds of the voters still gave the episode at least a ‘very good’ score:
  • Absolutely amazing – 29.27%
  • Very good – 37.2%
  • Average – 14.02%
  • Not too great – 9.15%
  • Awful – 10.37%
Robot of Sherwood‘s Question of the Week focused on the question that the episode posed for the majority of its runtime – was Robin Hood real? He may have appeared to be real as the episode concluded, but was the famous archer exactly what he said he was? It was a landslide vote in Robin’s favour in the end – turns out there might be just such thing as Robin Hood:
  • Real – 76.19%
  • Not real – 23.81%

We’ll have a rate the episode poll up for Listen up straight after the episode tonight at 8.20pm, with our Question of the Week coming tomorrow.