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Doctor Who: Robots and Sonic Screwdrivers in Series 8 Filming – 24/04/2014

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for episode three of series eight. If you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now!

Filming for Block Three of Doctor Who series eight, directed by Paul Murphy, began yesterday – and filming for episode three kicked off the block’s filming (the other episode in the block is episode six). Recording saw a strange new robotic enemy, who looked an awful lot like an owl, which you can see below:
Peter Capaldi was also seen on set in what appeared to be a disguise, wielding a sonic that looks very similar to the Eleventh Doctor’s, seemingly disproving the rumour that the Twelfth Doctor would pick up a new sonic:
The writer of episode three has yet to be confirmed, but it has been rumoured that Gareth Roberts will be penning the third in the new run.
Thanks to Ryan Farr (Timeboy) for the set photos!
Doctor Who series eight airs this autumn.