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Doctor Who RPG Fan Video

OK, this site mostly concerns itself with news about filming, merchandise, release dates and so forth, but we do occasionally feature fan works that are just that damn good. This is just that damn good.

It’s a compressed version of the story arc of Matt Smith’s run as the Eleventh Doctor, rushing through all the major plot points in an old school 16 Bit JRPG style. If you’re familiar with classics like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, you’ll really dig how they use the style here.

Unfortunately, other than it having been made by College Humour, I can’t find any production details on this video. Oh well. But before you hit play I do have to say MAJOR, MASSIVE, INCREDIBLY HUGE SPOILERS ARE IN THIS VIDEO.

Now go watch it. Unfortunately, College Humour aren’t letting it up on Youtube yet so I can’t embed it. Instead click the Source link to go direct to the College Humour site and check it out.