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Doctor Who: Rufus Hound On Potential Female Doctor

Rufus Hound recently told the Radio Times his opinion on whether or not the Doctor should ever be played by a woman. The comedian just wrapped a guest role on the show, playing a character named Sam Swift in episodes five and six of series nine, “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived.” Hound believes that the recent return of the Master in female form has created the potential for the Doctor to be played by a woman someday, too. And Hound already has his eye on a role for himself. He said slyly,

“She’d need a companion.”

The comedian also discussed his time filming on the show, and how he could hardly contain his excitement. Hound said of the first scene he filmed on Doctor Who:

“Suddenly it was the Doctor talking to me and I sort of went . . .” [Hound pulled an excited face]

Although the two-parter is now finished filming, Hound will surely recall his time on Doctor Who for years to come!

Doctor Who returns with a run of new episodes this autumn.

[Source: Radio Times]