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Doctor Who Season 7 New Zealand Premiere Date

New Zealand television channel Prime has announced that the Season 7 of Doctor will premiere on Thursday 13th September at 8:30pm.

Viewers in New Zealand will have less than a fortnight to wait until they see the new episodes after their debut in the United Kingdom. This is the shortest period between transmissions for a series since the show returned in 2005!

To summarise these are the confirmed air dates for Asylum of the Daleks:

United Kingdom – Saturday 1st September, 7:20pm BBC1 
United States – Saturday 1st September, 9:00pm ET BBC America
Canada – Saturday 1st September, 9:00pm ET SPACE
Australia – Saturday 8th September, 7:30pm ABC
New Zealand – Thursday 13th September, 8:30pm Prime (Available on ABC’s iView service from 2nd September)