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Doctor Who series 11 gets a new Producer

If you thought Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker were the only members from Broadchurch to transition over to Doctor Who series 11, you were wrong. Producer Sam Hoyle will be joining the team to work on series 11, which will air late next year.

Hoyle has worked on programs such as Camelot and Jinx, but the fact that she has worked on Broadchurch is what fans are really talking about. Hoyle having already worked with Chibnall and Whittaker in the past is a great start for the new team taking over the show. Having a crew that works well together and who already have a great chemistry will surely show in the quality of the episodes they are able to produce.

BAFTA Cymru tweeted a photo of the newly acquired executive producer for Doctor Who earlier this month.

Honestly, the more I see former Broadchurch cast and crew being brought over, the more I think of the Absolute Radio Breakfast segment from 2015 in which David Tennant, who played lead roles in both shows, reads made up lyrics to the Broadchurch theme song. If you’ve never heard it, you can listen below. Within the bit he starts listing off Broadchurch actors who were also in Doctor Who while insisting it is “nothing like Doctor Who”. Perhaps someone should make lyrics for the Doctor Who intro to ensure fans it is nothing like Broadchurch.