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Doctor Who Series 7 – Episodes 1-3 New Details

Thanks to The Doctor Who TV, below we’ve got new details from the latest Doctor Who Magazine, for the first three episodes of Doctor Who Series 7, Asylum Of The Daleks, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy.

Asylum of the Daleks

According to legend, somewhere in the universe, hidden away, the Daleks have a dumping ground. An entire planet where they lock up the Daleks that go wrong. The battle-scarred. The insane. The Daleks in the Asylum are lost in rage. They despise all things, even themselves…

Dalek Prime Minister: “Does it surprise you to know the Daleks have a concept of beauty?”
The Doctor: “I thought you’d run out of ways to make me sick, but hello again! You think hatred is beautiful?”
Dalek Prime Minister: “Perhaps that’s why we’ve never been able to kill you.”

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

2367 AD. A spaceship the size of Canada is on a collision course with the Earth. Oh, and there’s dinosaurs on board…

Brian: “Sorry. Sorry. Are you saying dinosaurs are flying a spaceship?“
The Doctor: “Brian, please! That would be ridiculous. They’re probably just passengers. Did I mention missiles?“
Brian: “Missiles?!”

A Town Called Mercy

When the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in a town called Mercy, in the American Old West, the Gunslinger is watching – and the Doctor is next on his hit list…

Jex: “Looking at you, Doctor, is like looking into a mirror. Almost. There’s rage there, like me. Guilt, like me. Solitude. Everything but the nerve to do what needs to be done. Thank the Gods my people weren’t relying on you to save them…”
The Doctor: “No. But these people are.”

Other bits:

  • There is one scene in Asylum of the Daleks where the Doctor is trapped outside and begging for someone to open the door as insane Daleks advance on him.
  • Amy and Rory know themselves a lot better than before.
  • The Asylum is a bit like an outer-space concentration camp – but a lot worse…
  • Riddell is Edwardian
  • Rory and Brian don’t really understand each other at the beginning.
  • Amy references a certain 1993 Spielberg flick – “Jurassic Park all-nighter at Leadworth Cineworld,” she tells Riddell adding, “It’s a wonder I ever married that man,” to which Riddell replies, “I have no idea what you just said.”
  • There’s a crucial scene in A Town Called Mercy – you’ll know it when you see it – which is particularly crucial, and shows the Doctor in an entirely new light…
  • [On a Town Called Mercy] The Doctor dons his Stetson, Amy goes for her gun and Rory tries to keep them both out of trouble. But the time-travelling trio aren’t the only strangers newly arrived into town…