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Doctor Who Series 8 Coming To Netflix In August

The most recent series of Doctor Who will finally be coming to Netflix in the US in August! The streaming service has announced their new TV and movie additions for the fall, and series 8 will finally be joining the previous seven series of the show on 8 August.

Unfortunately, fans in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait a bit longer for series 8, as Netflix in their countries will not add it until 31 August. And fans in the UK will not be able to watch Doctor Who on Netflix at all, due to the BBC’s strict policies on its shows on other media platforms.

But those in the US without access to BBC America will be able to watch the Twelfth Doctor’s first adventures very soon!

Series 9 premieres on 19 September with “The Magician’s Apprentice” on BBC One and BBC America.

[Source: Doctor Who Watch]