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Doctor Who: Series 8 Full Trailer Breakdown

Earlier this evening, a new Doctor Who trailer was broadcast during the World Cup Final coverage on BBC One. I have of course already watched it five times and I’m about to watch it again to break down all the bits and pieces which we can find out!

Not seen the trailer yet? Click here to watch it now!

The trailer starts with an image looking up above the console showing two different levers. These are possibly the forward/backward in time levers which were previously pointed out in Matt Smith’s first TARDIS.

Next we see a long corridor, is this possibly a new version of the TARDIS interior?

Following reprisal shots from earlier trailers of the TARDIS exploding we see Clara. First she has her eyes closed, then, a worried look flashes onto her face.

We see a Dalek eye stalk flashing blue. The Daleks are back!

A voice, which sounds like Davros, claims “Life returns” and we see an image of the TARDIS with an easel to the inside left.

Clara looks back, she’s in a dark room, and claims she doesn’t know who The Doctor is any more as we see an image of him holding the Sonic Screwdriver.

More explosions with a shot of the Doctor being blasted away from the TARDIS console as the Davros-esque voice says: “Life prevails”.

The TARDIS flies through space and then their is a shot of the Doctor as he says, “I’m the Doctor!”

A robot appears on screen, once it had a human disguise but now half of its face is missing. It raises an arm with a flame-gun on the end. Another robot appears, it displays fast and sensitive movements. A blue eye opens. We then see the Doctor confronting and alien in a spacesuit with eye stalks. Over the top of all this The Doctor says, “I’ve lived for two thousand years.”

We see two explosions, both repelling people. One person female, possibly Clara, the second a male who strongly resembles Danny Pink. A RPG is fired among a shower of sparks and then we see a panorama of London at night, it looks like a point in the Victorian era. Over this The Doctor claims he has made, “Many mistakes”.

Now we see The Doctor talking to Clara in the TARDIS, note the new reddish tint to its interior. The Doctor says it’s time he does something about his mistakes. Clara asks where they’re going, The Doctor replies – “Into darkness”.

Vastra says “Here we go again” to Strax and then we see Clara falling down a tunnel – similar to the TARDIS corridors seen at the beginning of the trailer.

A dinosaur is seen walking past the Houses of Parliament, the rising smoke in the background suggests this is in the Victorian era. Then a Dalek ship is seen shooting at a small spacecraft. A robot knight in what is possibly a castle walks towards the camera.

We see The Doctor in a nightie riding a horse and then Clara confronts something in red. The red thing resembles a hood but may be an alien of some kind. Clara’s clothes suggest she is either working or on a night out somewhere. Perhaps she’s on a date?

The Doctor is then seen clinging to a console with one hand as a great force lifts him into the air trying to pull him away. This scene strongly resembles the events towards the end of Flesh and Stone.

Daleks move towards the screen and then the TARDIS flies by. The Doctor stands in the TARDIS with the voice over: “Clara tell me, am I a good man?” Clara is then seen sitting with the Doctor on the steps inside the TARDIS, she hesitates at his question before responding, “I don’t know!”.

The trailer ends claiming “Doctor Who”, “BBC One”, “It’s time you knew him”, “Saturday 23rd August!”.

This trailer breakdown must not be used elsewhere unless full credit is given. Thanks to The Doctor Who Site for the screenshots.