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Doctor Who: Series 8 Opening Titles Influenced By A Fan

The days are slowly ticking away. The Twelfth Doctor’s arrival is imminent. Given the close proximity we now face to the Series 8 premiere, juicy morsels of information are inevitably going to be released to accelerate the hype train to maximum.

With a new Doctor often comes a regeneration in the show’s own identity. Showrunner Steven Moffat has stoked the fire by providing the most exciting and interesting hint at a key component of this new image. Mr Moffat has revealed that the new intro sequence set to accompany the new series was designed by BBC Wales in direct partnership with Mr Billy Hanshaw, a motion graphics professional operating in Leeds and all round Whovian. Many of you may have seen his self made intro sequence, alongside 700,000 more, a number that has not escaped Mr Moffat. Of course, this is not the first fan made intro on YouTube, neither will it be the last, but it appears Mr Hanshaw’s struck a chord with the showrunner and could hold the honour of becoming the first intro sequence to be directly inspried or designed by the community.

After being contacted by the BBC, Mr Hanshaw worked closely with the production team to adapt his interpretation into what will be forever remembered as Peter Capaldi’s introduction. So, to get an impression of the tone and style of Twelve’s sequence, check out Billy Hanshaw’s own introduction below.