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Doctor Who Series 8: Phil Ford Teases Episode

Phil Ford, who previously co-wrote the special ”The Waters on Mars” and ”Dreamland” has spoken out on Doctor Who, he has wrote many stories in ”The Sarah Jane Adventures” and ”The Adventure Games”, now he has been announced to be writing episode two of Series 8, featuring the new Doctor Peter Capaldi and his highly anticipated debut series.

He Spoke to Doctor Who TV and made the following statement.

“I’m over the moon in a TARDIS! And I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep quiet about it for so long! It’s a huge honour to write for Doctor Who at any time, to be writing Peter Capaldi’s second adventure is that to infinity! I can’t wait to get on to set!”

Closing his statement, he then made a brief remark which could be seen as a teaser for his episode.

“Behind enemy lines.”

It is unclear what his episode will be about but as he has been spoken of highly ever since his writing on episodes in the show and other series’, we are sure the episode will be amazing and can’t wait to watch it.

As ever we’ll keep you up-to-date with any more information about Series 8 and its premiere in Autumn. Post your comments below on whether you are a fan of Ford’s work and is excited to see him write for Series 8. Did you like ”The Waters on Mars”? Comment below!

[Source : Doctor Who TV]