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Doctor Who: Series 8 Soundtrack Release Date and Details Announced

Silva Screen have announced that the official Doctor Who Series 8 soundtrack will be released on May 18th 2015

The release will be a 3 CD set featuring music from Peter Capaldi’s first series as the Twelfth Doctor, including his theme ‘A Good Man?’, and will also include music from 2014’s Christmas Special Last Christmas:

Disc One

01 Doctor Who Theme (Series 8)
02 A Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme)
03-10 Deep Breath
11-15 Into The Dalek
16-21 Robot Of Sherwood
22-24 Listen

Disc Two

01-04 Time Heist
05 The Caretaker
06-08 Kill The Moon
09-13 Mummy On The Orient Express
14-15 Flatline
16-18 In The Forest Of The Night
19-30 Dark Water / Death In Heaven

Disc Three

01-14 Last Christmas
The 3 disc set will also include an extensive 24-page booklet of notes from composer Murray Gold, whilst the first 5000 copies will come with an extra 16-page booklet featuring the 13 Series 8 retro posters designed by Stuart Manning for the Radio Times
The score is performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, as well as Murray Gold on keyboards, guitars and synths, with conducting duties being shared between Ben Foster and James Shearman. 
The album’s release will come less than a week before the UK Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular tour kicks off on May 23rd, with music from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Ben Foster and hosted by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison.
The Doctor Who Series 8 soundtrack is available to pre-order here, priced at £12.99.