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Doctor Who: Series 8 to be Simulcast With BBC One in Germany

Recently, Doctor Who‘s international broadcasts have become closer to the UK broadcast – with The Day of the Doctor shown at the same time in over 80 countries last November – and FOX Germany have announced that Series 8 episodes will be simulcast with the UK broadcast this autumn.

The episodes will sometimes not be at exactly the same time as the UK due to UK broadcast times often changing each week, but the episodes will be shown as soon as possible after the UK broadcast (this could mean 10 minutes after the BBC One broadcast begins, or at exactly the same time, depending on UK schedules).

The simulcast on FOX Germany will also be shown in Switzerland and Austria, making all three countries the first to receive new episodes of Doctor Who after the UK starting this August.

For our German, Austrian and Swiss readers, what do you think of the simulcast? Are you looking forward to seeing Series 8 early? Comment below!

[Source: Doctor Who News]