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Doctor Who: Series 9 Episodes 1-7 – Live +7 Ratings

We’ve seen the final ratings thus far for almost every episode of Series 9 – but now the Live + 7 figures for the first seven episodes of the season have been released. Live + 7 figures count viewings on all platforms, including live viewing, repeats and iPlayer a week after broadcast, and are therefore higher than the consolidated ratings. Here’s the ratings for episodes one to seven:

Note: Figures in brackets are the increase on the initial overnight ratings:

  1. The Magician’s Apprentice – 7.41 million (+2.79 million)
  2. The Witch’s Familiar – 6.58 million (+2.87 million)
  3. Under the Lake – 6.51 million (+2.77 million)
  4. Before the Flood 6.77 million (+2.38 million)
  5. The Girl Who Died – 7.19 million (+2.56 million)
  6. The Woman Who Lived – 6.73 million (+2.41 million)
  7. The Zygon Invasion – 6.49 million (+2.62 million)
The average for these episodes is 6.81 million. A couple of notable statistical changes from Series 8 include a heavy decrease in viewing of repeats (due to the axing of the BBC Three repeat) and an increase in the proportion of those watching on BBC iPlayer, a sign of the trend towards on-demand viewing.
[Source: Doctor Who News]