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Doctor Who Series 9 Filming: What We Know So Far


With the Christmas special over, all eyes are on the future: series nine. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Clara is here to stay! Steven Moffat has stated that, given the ending of Last Christmas, Clara will be in “all” of series nine. And with Peter confirmed for series 9, we have at least one more season of Clara and the Twelfth Doctor’s adventures in time and space. Although, with Moffat, anything is possible, so Clara may only appear in a few episodes of series 9 before departing for real. Only time will tell…
  • Michelle Gomez was also confirmed to be returning as the Master/Missy
  • The title of the first episode, confirmed at the end of Last Christmas, will be The Magician’s Apprentice. Let the speculation begin over what that could mean… (I’m personally hoping for Harry Houdini!)
  • In the episode of Doctor Who Extra which went with Last Christmas, Steven Moffat said that the first three scripts for series 9 are finished, with more on the way, and he has completely plotted out the overall arc for the series.
  • According to the #dwsr tag on Twitter, filming for series 9 will begin on 5 January, with the full series expected in autumn (like series 8). It’s expected to be 12 episodes like series 8.
  • Also according to the #dwsr tag, the series will be filmed out of sequence, with The Magician’s Apprentice” shooting later in the year (probably February as part of block two). The working title for the first episode to be filmed is reportedly (though this is just a rumour) Written in the Stars.
Are you as excited for filming on a new series to begin as we are? Will you be making the trek out to Cardiff to watch filming? Let us know below!
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